Visana Yoga
603 Hemlock, Suite 3C
Brookings, Oregon

(541)  254-0485
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Please contact Lynn at or
call (541) 254-0485 for any questions
Welcome to Visana Yoga   
Awaken your mind, body and spirit through a mindful    practice of yoga, breathing and relaxation.

Vocal Toning For Health And Fun


Toning is vibration made into tones through the human voice. 

Experience the healing power of sound as it moves through the instrument of your body.

No singing experience necessary.

MONDAY JULY 25, 2016
5:30 PM

Visana Yoga

Allisone Weiss has been teaching toning for over a decade. Her workshops and classes are fun and enlightening. Reach her at 775 750-7736

Be in love with your life,
every minute of it"
Jack Kerouac

 Daily Practice

*Live fully in the here and now
*Appreciate the simple things in life
*Take responsibility for the unfolding of your destiny

Namaste, bring peace and joy with you wherever you travel!

Visana Yoga 
  603 Hemlock Street, Suite 3C 
look for the three-story green building 
The Health Shop located on Railroad Avenue.
Elevator access available from the Hemlock Street entrance.

























































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